Get started

Get started with Foton


The library is still in the early stages of development and may have breaking changes in the future. If you encounter any problems or have a feature proposal, please create a GitHub issue (opens in a new tab)

Foton is a TypeScript toolkit for interacting with TON wallets and blockchain as a whole. The library wraps existing solutions into one comfortable API. It supports:

  • ✅ Wallet connection
  • ✅ Sending transactions
  • ✅ Querying the blockchain
  • ✅ Deploying and interacting with smart contracts
  • ✅ Blueprint and TON Connect integration for easy code migrations
  • ✅ Type safe interfaces with full auto-completion for contract methods and returns

Try creating a simple Counter dApp with React and Foton by following the tutorial.

Learn the library by getting familiar with the clients and their methods.

We appreciate any feedback and contributions! Feel free to open a GitHub issue (opens in a new tab) or write a message to the Telegram chat (opens in a new tab).

Set up

To install Foton, run: