Contribution and donation

Contribution and donation

Foton project is created by VanishMax (opens in a new tab), but it is not supposed to be a one-person library. You are welcome to contribute to the project in any way you can:

  • Report bugs and suggest improvements by creating an issue in the GitHub repository (opens in a new tab)
  • Give feedback on the existing features in the Telegram chat (opens in a new tab)
  • Implement new features by creating pull requests
  • Help writing and maintaining documentation
  • Showcase the work you do with Foton
  • Tell your colleagues about Foton
  • Donate to support the project


Every donation is welcome and much appreciated. You can do so by sending TON to UQBzF27xx_NJCM98CDuPPl7mFEg3gqu14hCeg3l1y4puf9tV, or by TON DNS vanishmax.ton, or by scanning the QR-code below with any wallet application.

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